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Don't let body aches stop you from doing what you enjoy.

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Jonathan Nunn brings a deep experience to his work, with over 35 years working as an Osteopath and natural healer, mostly in Gloucestershire, and formerly taught Osteopathy in London and ran a busy Harley St practice.


Jonathan works with as much enthusiasm now, as when he started working, with faith in the ability of Osteopathy to offer delightfully practical and straightforward answers to bring relief to physical pains and problems.

Jonathan has a specialist interest in the breath and breathing. Initially, Jonathan studied Theology and Comparative Religion at Kings London. He has authored numerous published articles and contributed chapters to other works. He has lectured at home and abroad on topics ranging from detoxification to forgiveness.

Being the first of the Complimentary therapies to be officially recognized osteopathy is available on most healthcare insurances, and osteopaths often work closely with patients GPs.

Which report investigating complimentary therapies, states that nearly 90% of all osteopathic patients were cured or improved by treatments, and Osteopathy was the most widely used therapy.

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Don't let body aches stop you from doing what you enjoy.

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Osteopathy works to relieve most physically based problems, including sciatic low back and neck pain, headaches, whiplash and sports injuries to joints and osteoarthritic conditions to hips and knees.


At its simplest, this may mean freeing the spine and attendant muscles with gentle manipulation and massage.