Understanding the power of breathing


Breath and breathing

Poor breathing mechanics and poor breathing patterns can seriously undermine our health and well being and there is an epidemic of hyperventilation, often the bodies reaction when placed under chronic ongoing stress.

To help improve breathing, I combine treatment of the thorax and diaphragm together with breath coaching, in part using a bio feedback device in an approach called “capnography”, that graphically shows the state of a client’s breathing in real time on a computer screen.

This information can then be used as a basis with which to demonstratively coach for better more effective breathing.

Physical treatment to the thorax, rib cage and various groups of muscles can facilitate positive change to long held dysfunctional breathing.

For those suffering from chronic ill health or stress, re-establishing healthy breathing is often the first step to an improved experience of health and well bring.

The breath is the easiest and most basic place to start on the journey towards optimal health, and easy free breathing can ensure all bodily systems work as they were designed to, keeping the immune system, turned on, and providing an intimate pathway into ourselves uniting body, mind and soul.
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