Non-invasive back pain treatments in Stroud


Stress, tension and back pain

Leading edge researcher, Dr Bruce Lipton, maintains that 95% of all illness has its roots in poorly adapted stress.

This is down to several factors; the primary factor being that the immune system is turned off when the body registers stress or danger. Quite simply, if the body thinks it’s in danger, all resources are put towards “fight” and “flight” – Survival is seen by the body as paramount, so fighting infections and cancerous cells and the processes of digestion, growth and repair are put on hold until the stressful factors have passed.

As well as being able to deeply relax and release the ingrained bodily effects of stress on the body, experienced in pain and dysfunction, I am able to coach a relaxed and spacious way of responding to situations previously experienced as stressful.

This can particularly work with mindful breathing, where breath is seen as the conductor of the body’s entire physiology.

With help, the breath can be made mindful and our frantic thinking with its self-generated stress and states of hyper arousal can be gently calmed and happily brought under conscious control.

We learn to make our home in the breath, and it becomes our calming “home page”, generating a reassuring sense of presence.

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